Monday, June 14, 2010

FIFA WC 2010 - Germany 4 - Australia 0

Shock, horror, disappointment, anger and finally embarrassment are only some of the emotions running through most Australian minds this morning after a diabolical start to the Australian 2010 World Cup campaign.

I guess no one expected the Socceroos to beat the Germans but a 4-0 loss was a little embarrassing and very disappointing after the brilliant start to the 2006 World Cup campaign. The Socceroos were taught a bit of a football lesson. They were definitely out classed and looked on many occasions well out of their league against the efficient technicians that are the Germans. One thing to keep in mind for the Socceroos is that against opponents like Germany a big heart and a bucketful of hope is just not going to cut the mustard.

Two things that did not go according to plan on the day of course
were this ridiculous decision by the referee, a Mr M Rodriguez, I mean RED come on, and this man's decision to try a different formation against the toughest opponent in the group.

Pim you are either a genius mate or you have lost the plot completely. I hope he doesn't think this was still a friendly.

Now before we all go and count the Socceroos out lets just have a look at Australia's group results from 2006. Fairly similar group too in many ways. One team that no one expects you to beat (Brazill 2006, Germany 2010) an up and coming football nation (Japan 2006, Ghana 2010) and of course a tough as nails and very technical Euro team (Croatia 2006, Serbia 2010).
As you can see Australia only got through to the next round with four points so there is still plenty to play for. The goal difference is not going to help us much so we probably need to win both matches but you never know. Germany might score 6 against Ghana. :)

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