Saturday, December 20, 2008

Pizza Place Review

The pizzas where not too bad and we may try to go back and get something simpler, less gourmet.

Some of the issues were:
  • The pizza bases were pre made and not rolled out fresh which just doesn't give them the same texture of a traditional pizza.
  • The toppings were at times over complicated (too many ingredients).
  • Too much un cooked garlic on the garlic pizza. We also asked for no tomato base on this pizza but it came with it anyway as you can see in the pic.
  • No wood fire oven.

Service 8/10
Food 6.5/10

Final comment - Much better than the main commercial Pizza places but dearer.


  1. All that and you still gave it 6.5? And potato and pumpkin pizza? Eeeeew. Was it some sort of weird craving?

  2. We really wanned POTATO. The pumpkin was an extra. I guess if I give Dominos 4.5 I have to give this one 6.5 cause they do try to use fresh ingredients. And at the same time I give myself plenty of room to 10.